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Honoring the Old Guys: The Chaplains of Yesteryear

Click on ambrotypes below to read about these brave chaplains:

Capt. A. L. Strough

Capt. R. S. Webb, 44th North Carolina Troops

Capt.. I. A. Burle

Maj. Robert L. Dabney, Jackson's Chief of Staff

Sgt. Telfair Hodgson, Fighting Preacher

Capt. William S. Lacy

Capt. A. D. Betts

Maj. Gen. Leonidas Polk, Bishop of Tennesee

Rev. Wm. Porcher Dubose

Capt. A. W. Mangum

Capt. A. A. Watson

Brig. Gen. Wm. Pendleton, Chief of Artillery, ANV

Rev. Charles T. Quintard, 1st Tennesee

Brig. Gen. Ellison Capers